Why We Are Better Than Anyone Else

USB is 100% American owned.

USB places a high value on the retail sports book customers.

Very few operators have actual retail sports book experience.

USB has the best risk management team in the US.  We are confident that we can maximize net revenues better than any other operator.

USB does not kick players out if they win, which is a common practice with many of the European operators.  This often generates ill will with your casino patrons.

USB works with your casino executives to provide higher betting limits to your premium casino customers, if this is something that you would like.

USB is the only sports wagering service provider, outside of Nevada, that is currently managing risk and providing sports betting services for a tribal casino operation.

USB optimizes risk management for your casino and market. We manage each sports book on an individual basis/

Most other operators manage risk on a global basis for all of their combined sports books.  This can sometimes create huge losses for individual casinos

Meet Tom Willer Your Tribal Sports Contact

We visit your team and develop a comprehensive plan for your retail sports book and provide the sports betting system, risk management, customer support and all training for no upfront fees.

Our deal with tribal casinos is so simple. We split net gaming revenue with the casino operation and take a very small percentage. Our standard revenue split is usually the most generous in the industry.

USBookmaking is unique because with the exception of the AV buildout, there are no other vendors that you will have to work with.

We provide the best bookmaking talent in the sports betting industry, which means that you will make more money when you go with USBookmaking.

You will be a priority with us and you will meet the people who will be there with you for the launch of your sports book. No other company can promise you a hands-on relationship.

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Office: 702.968.2966 Ext 404

Mobile: 702.501.6360

USB Bookmaking is a Native American owned business.

   We offer fixed odds fantasy sports betting propositions.

 USB is the only sports book operator (outside of Nevada),
that has been approved by a tribal gaming commission.



Victor J. Salerno-President

Victor J. Salerno Bio

Victor Salerno is the President of USBookmaking, a sports betting service
provider based in Las Vegas, NV. He launched the company in 2016 and has
built USBookmaking into the leading sports betting company to serve native
American casinos. USBookmaking is also uniquely the only native American-
owned sports book company in the US.

Mr. Salerno has enjoyed over forty years in the sports betting business
where he served as Chairman of American Wagering, Inc (AWI). AWI
operated over 130 Leroy’s Sports Books (Leroy’s) in Nevada. At AWI, Mr.
Salerno launched the first computerized sports book platform, Computerized
Bookmaking Services (CBS), which is still in use today. With the
development of CBS, he was able to create the first bookmaking network
hub which managed the betting lines and risk for the Leroy’s chain. His
system, CBS, and its networking capabilities became the standard for every
major casino company in Nevada. He was the developer and first operator
in Nevada to introduce self-service race & sports wagering kiosks, which
were launched in 2002. His most significant accomplishment was the 2010
launch of mobile sports betting in the US with the Leroy’s App.

Mr. Salerno sold American Wagering in 2012 to William Hill and was asked to
serve as Chairman of the Board of William Hill US, a position that he held
until February 2016.

During his tenure with AWI, Mr. Salerno received many acknowledgements
by the casino industry. He served as the President of the Nevada
Association of Race and Sports Operators. He was also a member of the
Nevada Pari-Mutuel Association’s leadership committee. In 2015, he was
inducted into the American Gaming Association’s “Gaming Hall of Fame.” He
is the only sports book executive to receive this honor.

Mr. Salerno is a popular contributor on sports betting panels and
symposiums throughout industry because of his unique perspective as an
American sports book operator with an extensive background in all areas of
sports betting. USB is one of a very select group of American owned and
operated sports book companies. The company goal is the secure sports
book agreements with both independent and tribal casinos. Mr. Salerno is
often described as the “dean” of American sports betting.


Robert Walker – Head of Bookmaking

Robert Walker, with his risk management team, oversees the daily sports wagering product and risk management operations for USBookmaking. He has managed some of the largest sports book operations in Nevada including MGM/Mirage Resorts, Mirage Resorts, Boyd Gaming and Genting’s Caribbean sports book operations. Mr. Walker is a true bookmaker with extraordinary skills in betting odds management and an in-depth knowledge of the customer betting behavior. His creativity and overall knowledge of sports betting is unmatched by any other senior sports book operator in the US. Mr. Walker has previously been licensed as a key employee in the Bahamas.

Bob Kocienski – Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer

Bob Kocienski is a 40-year veteran in the gaming industry. He began his gaming career in New Jersey as a gaming regulator. Mr. Kocienski became the Vice President of Finance for Hilton Nevada Corporation and later moved to several CFO positions in Mirage Resorts, MGM/Mirage, Penn National, and Gateway Casino’s Entertainment Limited. He served on the Nevada Resort Association’s Regulation Committee for several years. Mr. Kocienski joined Mr. Salerno at American Wagering, Inc. in 2009 as Chief Operating Officer and engineered the sale of the company in 2012. Mr. Kocienski is licensed as a key employee in Nevada, and previously as a key employee in Mississippi, and British Columbia and Alberta provinces in Canada.

John Salerno – Director of Operations and Compliance

John Salerno has enjoyed a twenty-five-year career working in all areas of the race and sports book industry. He served as a ticket writer, statistical analyst, and bookmaker for American Wagering, Inc., eventually being promoted to a corporate board position. He also served as Customer Service Director and later as Compliance Officer for William Hill US. In his current capacity, Mr. Salerno oversees regulatory compliance and business development for USBookmaking. Mr. Salerno serves as our key executive for sports book retail operations. Mr. Salerno has previously been licensed as a key employee in Nevada.


Tom Willer—Marketing Director

Tom Willer has worked for several casino companies including Caesars Palace Las Vegas, Las Vegas Hilton and Tropicana Casino & Resort Atlantic City. In his various positions, he has been responsible for advertising, database management, public relations, market research, entertainment and sports event management. He opened Greektown Casino in Detroit, the Meadows Casino in PA, and all Cannery Casinos in Nevada. Mr. Willer has extensive experience in casino property marketing and player development in several gaming jurisdictions. At USBookmaking, Mr. Willer oversees all marketing efforts, business development and enjoys frequent customer interaction. Mr. Willer was previously licensed as a key employee in New Jersey.